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6 Meals, 2 Hours: Stocking the Freezer

My sweet and very pregnant friend and I spent a couple hours in her kitchen Saturday prepping freezer meals for after the baby comes. It was quick and easy, and many of you said that you wanted to hear how we did it. So here we gooooooooo! Gathering Recipes A few days before our planned … Continue reading “6 Meals, 2 Hours: Stocking the Freezer”

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2018 Intention Check-in: PANTRY COOKING

I’m checking in on the progress of my 2018 intentions. Read all about my fruitful year here. When I first started planning meals for my little family, Pinterest was making its debut. I was in college, I had a lot of free time (sigh. Remember that?), and I would watch endless hours of television while … Continue reading “2018 Intention Check-in: PANTRY COOKING”

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Dinner drop-off: Sweet potato, coconut, and red lentil daal

I’m in the season of life where everyone is having babies. The season where happy hours often include holding a friend’s baby in one hand and a cocktail in the other. The season where multiple friends at a time are down for the count with morning sickness. While it feels a tiny bit bittersweet for … Continue reading “Dinner drop-off: Sweet potato, coconut, and red lentil daal”

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One Month Vegan: What I’m Eating and What I’ve Learned

As of Tuesday, my husband will have been eating vegan and gluten-free for a whole month. The reasons why are complicated and health-related and none of your business 😝, so let’s get to the real question: WHAT THE HELL DOES HE EAT? Lots of chickpeas, really. Also, did you know brown rice pasta tastes basically … Continue reading “One Month Vegan: What I’m Eating and What I’ve Learned”

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Meal Planning 101

Here it is, guys: a crash course in meal planning. This is what saves me time, money, and extra pounds every week. Healthy eating means something different to everyone. To me, it means vegetables at most of my meals, grains at just a few of them, and plenty of protein. Convenience foods and restaurant meals … Continue reading “Meal Planning 101”

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