Currently//FEBRUARY 2018

HAPPY MARCH! It’s my sister’s birthday month! It’s my birthday month! It’s the month where we finally learn who Arie chooses for marriage (or a short-lived engagement)! [NO SPOILERS! Seriously, US Weekly already ruined part of it for me, and I can’t take any more.]

Before we get too far into March, let’s recap February.


I finished the best book yesterday. When I saw it on social media last month, I put it on hold at the library immediately: How to Get Shit Done, by Erin Falconer. Sounds right up my alley, yeah? I, predictably, loved it. Please, please, please read it, especially and specifically if you are a woman.

Erin writes all about the ways that women are expected to be productive — at home, at work, in relationships, with children, at the gym, and all while wearing a full face of makeup. She encourages all of us to focus on three main goals at a time, and shape our days around those goals. If a task that’s taking up hours of your week isn’t moving you towards one of your goals, get rid of it. Can you outsource it? Simplify it? Just stop doing it all together? 👏🏼

She argues that once women stop trying to do everything, we can do anything. Just thinking about that gives me chills. I always feel so fired up after reading a great personal improvement book, and this is no different. Read it! And let me know what you think 💖


If you follow me on Insta stories, you know that my 100-day #exercisecountdown is broken. I strained my knee somehow a couple of weeks ago, and that knee pain led to a hurt neck. I don’t know if walking funny led to neck strain or WHAT, but I was in serious pain for several days.

A hurt neck means lottttts of reading in bed. This was great.

Obviously, exercising, even lightly, with neck pain is a dumb choice. My body clearly needed rest. But it broke my heart to give up on my exercise challenge. And it didn’t help matters that my first day with no workout was day 51 of the challenge! Quitting halfway through did nothing to help my feelings.

But I did it. I rested, and rested, and rested some more. And, I’ll tell you, getting back on the horse is hard. Spin class yesterday was supposed to be my first intense workout back, and I just didn’t go. And I didn’t go for a walk, either. I just sat, basically all day long. 

I need to get back on the train. Exercising consistently changes my mood (just ask my poor husband) and my appetite (hello junk food). I have a treadmill date later this morning that I will be keeping.


Ooooof. February was definitely more indulgent than most months, and I feel it. Grant and I went on a weeklong vacation in Colorado, and I basically forgot what a vegetable was while we were there.

We stayed in a house with several other couples, and we shared the cooking duties. Lots of comfort food. Very few greens. To be clear, I totally could have purchased salad stuff, and I’m sure everyone would have eaten it, but I didn’t. I should have. I felt like a bloated old sponge when we got home. On Valentine’s Day. Romantic.

Tasting at Breckenridge Distillery.

We also, in true vacation style, did a lot of drinking, so that did nothing good to my eating habits or the way my body felt post-vaca.

Just like falling off the exercise train, getting back into healthy eating habits is no joke. I’ve been eating vegetables at every meal, and that has definitely helped. It’s a lot harder to eat a ton of white pasta if you’re full of green beans (is a lie I tell myself that sometimes works)!


Two podcasts I’ve been loving: By The Book and Bachelor Party.

By The Book features two women who read a self-improvement book, live by the principles of the book for two weeks, and then discuss the outcomes on the show. It’s so great and so funny. They are both really honest about the ways the book did or didn’t change their lives. If you’re in a relationship, I highly recommend the episode on the Five Love Languages. It was super eye-opening, but also had the right amount of making fun.

If you are a resident of Bachelor Nation, you MUST listen to Bachelor Party. It is the best Bachelor podcast (I listen to no other Bachelor podcasts). It’s spoiler-free, often features Bachelor Nation guests (like my boyfriend Ben Higgins!!!!!!!!), and there’s tons of behind-the-scenes content. The past month featured interviews with the VP of reality programming at ABC and Uncle Chris Harrison! It’s so great. Host Juliet and her guest recap each episode (including Bachelor Winter Games, which was truly magical), and I look forward to it every week.


I am flying through my Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge thanks to vacation. Everyone else went skiing every day, and I read. It was actual ✨magic✨. I’ve read 13/50 books this year, and I am going strong. Vacation faves were Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (must-read if you loved The Handmaid’s Tale. I read it in ONE day.) and The Restless Sleep: Inside NYPD’s Cold Case Squad.

I also loved Black Panther, another murder mystery dinner party with friends (this time I played the heir to a chocolate fortune), and celebrating my friend at her baby shower. What did you guys love in February?

Day in the Life: Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Hi, friends! Lots of you have asked for this post (or versions of it), and I needed an easy post to write in the post-vacation haze, so HERE WE ARE.

Like so many of you, my days are packed from the time my alarm goes off until around 7 PM. I picked a random day (yesterday!) to document, and it ended up being pretty representative of a normal weekday even though we had just returned from vacation the day before.

4:00 am: My alarm goes off and I get out of bed. No snoozing, ever. Joy the Baker taught me a long time ago that the secret to getting up early is just putting your feet on the floor. So I do.

4:00-4:30: Splash water on face, brush teeth, brew coffee, and pack lunches for G and I. Leftovers and pre-chopped veggies for snacking makes this go relatively quickly.

4:30-6: Catch up on emails and write an Amazon listing for a freelance job.

6-6:30: I’ll be busy this evening, so I prep dinner now. Pasta sauce with onion, garlic, fire-roasted tomatoes, and red lentils.

6:30-7: Pilates time! I am very, very sore from some Fitness Blender videos I did the other day and very, very tired from a day of travel yesterday, so I keep it simple (but still really sweaty) with three 10-minute pilates videos (1, 2, 3) from The Balanced Life.

7-8: Shower, dress, hair, makeup. I love this part of the morning. I finish what’s left of my coffee, relax, and listen to my podcasts. This morning it was Totally Married, Up First, and The Daily.

8-8:20: Breakfast! I really wanted a smoothie, but my blender was in the dishwasher, and I could NOT bring myself to hand-wash it. I ended up with two pieces of sprouted wheat toast with almond butter and no-sugar-added jelly.

8:20-8:30: Mad dash to find my laptop, sunglasses, wallet, and security badge (things I should have put in my bag last night).

8:30-9:20: Drive to work. Traffic and my above-mentioned mad dash made me a little late.

9:30-12: Meetings and computer work at the office. (Short break for a piece of leftover Valentine’s Day cookie cake.)

12-1: Eat lunch, look at Instagram stories, and write the beginning of this post. I ate carrot coconut soup from Shutterbean, spinach and arugula with pepitas and balsamic, and grapes.

1-5: Work, work, work. Not a lot to report here.

5:00-5:45: Drive home. Yes, I spend almost two hours in the car each day. It’s the worst, but I really try to make the most of it. Lots of days I bring a La Croix to drink, and I always listen to podcasts. Today,  I listened to Criminal and Reply All, both excellent.

5:45-6:00: Clean the kitchen, which I didn’t get around to in the morning after I prepped dinner.

6:00-6:15: Boil pasta and heat up frozen peas. Glamorous, I know. 

6:15-6:30: Eat dinner. Grant’s not home from work yet, and normally I’d wait until around 7, but I need to get ready to be interviewed for my friend’s new podcast.

6:30-6:45: Take my makeup off and apply all my skincare so I don’t have to after my phone call. I also change into jammies and make myself a nerve-calming cocktail. 

6:45-7:00: Quickly paint my nails while I listen to My Favorite Murder. They’ll dry while I’m on the phone.

7:00-8:00: Chat with Becca for her new podcast. (I’ll share more about this when I can!)

8:00-8:15: Put dinner away. Don’t do a single dish. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow. 

8:15-8:45: Get in bed and read. Right now I’m reading The Restless Sleep, about the NYPD Cold Case Unit. SO GOOD.

8:45: SLEEP! I’m normally up until about 9:30, but yesterday’s travel day just killed me. I also normally write in my gratitude journal before I go to sleep, but I turned off the lights before the reminder went off on my phone. Oh well.

Like I said up top, this was a pretty typical day for me. It’s not every day that I’m interviewed for a podcast, but I usually have something or other keeping me from my book until around 8. Hopefully that answered the questions you had, but I’ll always answer more. Leave a comment here or message me on Insta!

How do you spend your days? I need to know everything!

CURRENTLY // January 2018

And, just like that, the first 31 days of 2018 are over. I know everyone has been complaining about how long the month of January was, but I loved it. I got so much done and had time to be lazy. It was great.

Here’s a rundown of what I was up to last month:


I’m working my way through Brendon Burchard’s book “High Performance Habits.” It’s very dense, and I’m reading it in spurts as I have time. He recommended setting an alarm on your phone with three focus words, several times a day. This alarm will go off and remind you how you want to be, recentering you during a crazy day.

My words are focused, caring, and committed. “Caring” reminds me to check in with loved ones, something that can go out the window during busy weeks. “Focused” and “committed” may seem too similar to be worth using both in my alarm, but I think of them this way: I am focused on the tasks that matter to me, both in leisure and work, and I ignore the rest. “Focused” reminds me to stay on-task, stop procrastinating, and get shit done. “Committed” is more about the intentions that I’ve set for myself and my family. I am committed to making my life better, step by step, so vegetables are more important than Cheetos and a date night with my husband is more important than a casual happy hour (though I will do both when I can 😜.)


My 100-day exercise countdown is going well! I’ve gotten movement in every single day. Even on days where I’ve felt under the weather, I’ve still made the time for at least 20 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill.

Committing to exercise every day during cold and flu season seems a little crazy, I guess, but reminding myself that exercise doesn’t have to be super-sweaty and all-out every single session has been helpful. There are some weeks that have more walks then runs, and that’s ok. What matters is that I’m still moving!

G and I ran a 5K with our friend Blair on Sunday. I run that far about once a week at the gym, but this was the first time I’d run a real, organized race. I got a little claustrophobic at the beginning with all of the people squeezed into the starting line area, but I loved it otherwise. The race was held in an underground office park, so we were running through tunnels and across train tracks. It was wild, but a good way to run a 5K when it’s freezing outside. It was plenty warm (a little too warm, at times) inside.



I’ve been very into wilted greens and scrambled eggs on sprouted wheat toast for breakfast lately. Delicious, so much protein, and I’m full until at least 11, which is an accomplishment for me. (I usually need a snack by like 9 a.m.) Eating a big breakfast helps me to avoid the junk food snacks, so I’ve been making it a priority.

I also had my quarterly Diet Coke the other day, and I didn’t love it. The first sip made me choke a little, and I had a headache afterwards. I think I may be done with soda for good now. (With the exception of an occasional Mexican Coke with Mexican food, obviously.)

Pantry cooking has been going so, so well. I’ve been well under budget every single week this year, and I’m excited to keep up the trend. I’m making these butter mushrooms (like vegan butter chicken!) for dinner tonight using tomatoes, rice, and spices from my pantry. I only bought mushrooms and green beans, so that’s a suuuuuuuper cheap dinner. 


Kesha and Lorde have been on repeat and so has the broadway soundtrack for “The Color Purple.” I saw the musical on Broadway (with Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo 💜!) in 2015, and my mom and I saw it in KC earlier this month. It is so excellent and so moving — definitely worth your money if the tour comes to your city. One of the biggest highlights of seeing the show in KC was watching a woman who I’d seen in an ensemble role in NYC play a lead role on the tour! I felt very proud of her, like we were friends. Ha.

I’ve also been loving the podcast “By the Book.” The hosts read a self-help book and live by the principles of the book for two weeks. They’re super honest about their impressions, and it’s funny and genuinely informative. The first episode I listened to was about the “Miracle Morning,” which I didn’t even know was a book! If you follow me on Instagram stories, you know that I call my early-morning work hours my Miracle Morning. I didn’t think that I made that up, but also didn’t know that it was an established lifestyle 🤣. The real Miracle Morning is much more structured than mine, and includes exercise, meditation, and journaling. Mine is much more focused on meeting deadlines.


I signed up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge at the beginning of the year and committed to reading 50 books in 2018. I’m a little behind, with only three books so far, but I have plenty of time to catch up.

So far, I’ve read “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo,” “Kitchen Confidential,” and my advanced readers copy of “Girl, Wash Your Face.” I am about 90% done with “East of Eden,” which is loooooooong but so worth it. (A reminder that I post reviews of every book I read to Goodreads, if you’re curious.)

I will have plenty of time to read this coming week, and I cannot wait. G and I are headed to Colorado for a ski trip with friends, and I can probably read a book every day since I don’t ski. Seriously. I’ve tried it on two separate vacations and I find it more scary and painful than anything else. I’d rather find a fireplace, read, and meet everyone for aprés. 

What were your favorite things in January? How are your intentions going? 

Intention Check-in: Kicking the junk with a food diary

I’m checking in on the progress of my 2018 intentions. Read all about my fruitful year here, and see my other intention check-in here

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you may already know: last week was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week when it came to junk food. I ate things that weren’t worth it multiple times; I felt sluggish; I felt irritable; I felt angry at myself.

I have no problem eating a donut from my favorite shop or sharing nachos with friends or having a glass of wine on a date night. BUT, I shouldn’t be buying junk food from the convenience store at work. Ever. There’s no reason to buy peanut M&Ms or Doritos or any of the junk that’s available. Having a handful of free M&Ms is very different from buying a “sharing size” bag and eating them all myself.

To get myself back on track, I documented a week’s worth of meals. Not only did this keep me accountable, helping me to skip the junk a couple times, but it’s a good opportunity to answer the question I get most: What do you even eat as a kind-of vegan?

What follows was a pretty typical week of prepped food, a night out, and a couple splurges.


Breakfast: What I call the Christmas leftovers smoothie, with frozen banana, leftover frozen beets, leftover frozen cranberries, frozen mixed berries, frozen green peas, collagen peptides, peanut butter, and water.

My mom roasted beets for a Christmas day salad, and we had leftovers. I froze them in a flat layer in a gallon bag, and I’ve been putting them in my smoothies ever since. You can taste them a little, but the main flavor is berries and nut butter.

Snack: pre-popped popcorn

Lunch: Salad! Spinach, arugula, bell peppers, shallots, and hummus tuna salad with celery (just make tuna salad with hummus instead of mayo). I drizzled the salad with this leftover peanut sauce.  

Snack: pink lady apple with extra sharp cheddar (BEST SNACK!)

Dinner: Spaghetti with a red lentil and mushroom tomato sauce, salad, and red wine

And, as hard as it was, I ate this one helping and let Grant finish the leftovers. Because white pasta is not a nutrient-dense food. But it’s probably my favorite food.


Breakfast: Oatmeal with peanut butter, blackberry jelly, and coconut milk

Snack: Veggies and hummus. I often slice up a bunch of carrots, bell peppers, and celery and bring them to work with a container of hummus. They last all week in the break room fridge. The ultimate junk food deterrent.

Lunch: Quinoa, black bean, and lentil chili, leftover from last week. Grapes.

Dinner: Buffalo chickpeas, sautéed broccoli, sweet potato wedges, salad, and vegan ranch. The vegan ranch is a total budget splurge, but it’s GOOD.

Dessert: G and I both were craving something sweet, so I defrosted homemade vegan banana muffins from the freezer.

Note: This is the only day that was totally vegan. Grant doesn’t eat any of the animal products, but I still do.


Breakfast: oatmeal with almond butter, jelly, coconut milk, and flax seeds.

Snack: almonds (I keep them in my desk)

Lunch: a repeat of the hummus tuna and greens salad, plus grapes and pepitas, and sub a balsamic dressing.

Snack: hummus and veggies

Dinner: This is where the wheels fell off a tiny bit. I got caught in traffic on the way to the movies (go see I, Tonya, everyone!), and didn’t have time to swing by my sister’s to heat up my packed dinner. I ate an Rx bar in the car and then ordered cheese, salami, and crackers at the movie theater. I also had a glass of wine.

There was nothing spicy about the hot salami, but it was still tasty.


I’m especially proud of this day because I didn’t sleep well the night before. Which means the junk food cravings were strong. I didn’t cave.

Breakfast: I woke up so hungry. Two pieces of sourdough, spread with garlic hummus and sprinkled with everything but the bagel seasoning. Grapes.

I made peppermint tea to drink on the way to work, and I added two scoops of collagen peptides. I think this is my new trick to stay full until lunch!

Lunch: Salad with arugula, spinach, shallot, bell peppers, buffalo chickpeas, and a banana (on the side, not in the salad).

Snack: Clementines and roasted edamame

Dinner: vegan lasagna from the freezer (yay freezer meals! Saving my butt one day at a time!)


Breakfast: More oatmeal! Almond butter, jelly, coconut milk.

And more peppermint tea with collagen.

Snack: almonds

Lunch: Salad with hummus tuna salad, shallots, bell pepper, grapes, and balsamic. I forgot the pepitas, and I missed them. Clementines on the side.

Snack: bell peppers and hummus from my fridge stash around 2:30, and then an Rx bar around 4. We went to the gym after work, so I knew I needed a more sustainable snack for the evening. Rx bars are my favorite protein bars because they’re made of whole ingredients, like eggs, instead of weird chemicals and powders.

Dinner: My red lentil and sweet potato daal with brown rice and extra sriracha.

There’s naan in this photo from last year, but I didn’t eat naan this time, ok?!

Lessons (re)learned:

I’m totally capable of making it through a week without the vending machine. I will eat salads if they’re prepped ahead of time. Having protein ready at all times is crucial to staying on track (thanks tuna and hummus!).

Another thing — this was totally a pantry cooking week! I ate out of the freezer, worked on my red lentil stash, and most of my lunches were tuna from the back of the pantry.

Also, as a total pep talk to myself, I posted this design on Instagram.

It’s ok that last week was shit. For real. It doesn’t matter that I totally failed at my food intentions. I just got back on the horse this Sunday. My life (and my body) is molded by what I do consistently — not the junk food I repeatedly ate last week. So I haven’t had a perfect January. That doesn’t mean that I can write off the rest of the month (or the rest of the year). I just start over tomorrow.

What’s the best thing you ate this week? Would you all enjoy more posts like this? I am super nosy and love reading about what people ate, but that may just be me.

CURRENTLY // December 2017 Plus an #exercisecountdown recap

I’m currently writing by the light of the Christmas tree and dreading taking it down tomorrow.

Christmas was so fun, and the break was so needed. We hosted my mom and dad for the holiday, and it was great. We ate, drank, puzzled, and watched movies (The Preacher’s Wife, Muppet Christmas Carol, Krampus). The puzzle is a project that will follow me into the new year, but I am determined to finish it soon. Maybe New Year’s Day?


I have gotten such sweet messages from people who read my Intentions post, and it is making my heart so full. I write all of this stuff for you people, and to hear from readers and friends that my content is helping them in some way is the VERYBESTEVER.

My intentions for 2018 are inspiring me, as well. It feels so so so exciting to go into the new year with an action plan. I have my daily, weekly, and monthly intentions mapped out (both in my Intentions post and on my Powersheets). In addition to that, I made a phone background with my basic goals for each day as a reminder. Read each and every day, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Write each and every day, working on one project or another. Sweat every single day, full stop. Connect with my husband each day, even when life is super busy (which it always is). Breathe: take a minute to relax, sit, and just be for a few minutes each day.

ALSO, if you’re having a hard time getting into the spirit of the new year, or just like getting kicked in the butt a little, watch this video from my girl, Rachel Hollis. It’s quick, inspiring, and features two cameos by yours truly. ♥️


Starting NOW, I’m swapping the “watching” category for EXERCISING. I never watch T.V. anymore, so I was struggling to find things to share. This switch is coming at a perfect time because I have a LOT to say.

Today is the last day of #exercisecountdown, and, as long as I don’t miss my afternoon at the gym (which I WON’T), I’ll have made it. 35 workouts, right through the busiest part of the year. I got up hella early; I worked out in weird hotel gyms; I washed pile after pile of sweaty exercise clothes. I tried some new stuff ⬆️, but mainly stuck to my tried and trues: running, spin, pilates, and baby weights. 

My initial goal was 90 workouts, as part of the last 90 days challenge. And I did alright. But I did not exercise each of those 90 days. And, honestly, I think it was because it was someone else’s challenge, not my own. Once I committed to my own 35-day #exercisecountdown, I did it. Every. Single. Day.

So, right here and now, I’m committing to a 100-day streak. I will exercise each and every day from Jan. 1 through April 10. This means I’ll need to exercise through staycations, vacations, and on days where I just don’t feel like it. And workouts 95-99 will be in L.A. during Rise, so you ladies will need to keep me accountable❣️

(My friend Kristen at @dineanddishfreestyle is documenting her own 100-day #exercisecountdown journey, if you want to follow along!)

View this post on Instagram

My friend @caitlinmwallace is so close to completing her #exercisecountdown challenge where she has committed to doing some form of exercise for 90 days straight, no matter what. I love this as a motivating project so I’m going to do it too but for 100 days. So starting 2 days ago (friends there is no reason to wait until January 1st) I’m doing my own workout challenge where I have to do some sort of deliberate movement for at least 30 minutes everyday for 100 days. It will be challenging but I know making this public will keep me on track! I can’t wait to accomplish this goal! Thanks @caitlinmwallace for the inspiration. #100dayworkoutchallenge #bujo #bujospread #bulletjournal #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #wwsisterhood

A post shared by Kristen Doyle (@dineanddishfreestyle) on

When I committed to my own #ExerciseCountdown in November, my mindset shifted. Working out became part of the day, just as important as brushing my teeth or eating lunch. The roadblocks to making time to exercise became less important, because they just couldn’t get in my way. I was going to exercise every day, circumstances be damned. 90% of the time, this means exercising first thing. All of my toiletries stay in a go-bag now because I get ready at the gym five days a week. I leave a pile of clean socks, leggings, and sports bras on the guest room bed because putting them away seems pointless. My hair is always sweaty.

What I’m saying is: making exercise a priority is hard. It is. It’s making decisions that aren’t fun, and waking up early, and showering at the gym, and keeping spare deodorant at your desk just in case you somehow leave the house without deodorant. But I can do it, and so can you.


The past couple of years, I’ve started January with a Whole 30. Since we’re eating vegan at home now, I can’t do that. Not really. I basically only eat legumes, so no Whole 30 for me. 

A gem of a salad my mom made for Christmas dinner.

I thought about doing a couple different cleanse-oriented diets for January, but I ultimately decided not to. I think I’m even going to scale back on my #dailygrain mentality (where I only ate grains once each day). Honestly, I miss oatmeal, and I found myself reaching for potato chips because they aren’t a grain, and I could eat them without “cheating.” 🙈  That is not healthy or smart or a good way to treat my body. Yes, I should eat fewer grains as a rule. They make me feel sluggish, which is the opposite of how food should make you feel. But making rules about how I eat them didn’t work. I was thinking of grains as “bad,” which is just a shitty way to think about food, and not a lesson I want to pass on to a daughter some day. Food isn’t bad or good or evil or whatever, and it’s so damaging to put food into those categories.

Instead of making strict food rules for myself, I need to find something that feels more sustainable. #dailygrain was never intended to be a full-time plan, and I treated it like a temporary fix. Not a good idea, ever. Diets don’t work long-term because they’re designed for the short term. So, in 2018, I’m going to focus on vegetables, snacking on plants before I reach for peanut butter-stuffed pretzels. And I’m going to lean on my “worth it” principle. A Dunkin donut is probably not worth it, but a LaMar’s donut?! Totally worth it.

Those guidelines feel sustainable, actionable, and good. There will definitely be days where I don’t eat a single green thing, but there won’t be weeks where that’s true. And the weeks matter way more than the days.

🥂 Happy, happy new year to all of you readers! I am so thankful to those of you that follow along faithfully. Interacting on here and Instagram brings me a lot of joy, and I do my very best to reply to every comment and message. If you want to chat about anything — living fruitfully in 2018, Kardashian Konsipiracies, best mac and cheese recipes, book recommendations — I’ve got you! Comment here or message me on Insta. See ya next year!! 🥂

What was the best part of your December? Are you cleansing your way through January? Are you going to join me on exercise countdown part 2?